Professional Services

ASERT's expert consultants, software engineers and architects can assist you understand systems, overcome roadblocks & develop systems at an accelerated pace. Our services are categorised below:

  • Architecture & Prototyping Services
  • Component & Application Development Services
  • Web & System Integration Services
  • Management Services
  • Creative Web Services
  • Educational Services

If you don't see what you think you need, then just ask us. If it is related to Java, J2EE, XML or Web Services technology, chances are we can assist.

Architecture & Prototyping Services

ASERT's Software Engineers & Architects can ensure your project gets off on the right foot and without many of the roadblocks and steep learning curves associated with undertaking projects using leading-edge technology. ASERT has devised flexible techniques during the early stages of a project incorporating elements from traditional methodologies combined with useful parts from Extreme Programming. The techniques cover the following phases of the software engineering development process:

Research Prototype & Proof-of-Concept Projects: Apply our expertise in leading-edge technology areas to assist in mapping out requirements and in better managing your risk when working in emerging domains. We have developed systems using technologies such as J2EE, XML, WAP, SOAP and B2B.

System Scoping & Architecture Specification: We can formulate and document your system requirements. Deliverables may include concept of operations documents, alternative and feasibility studies, user requirements specifications, business requirement specifications and system requirement specifications.

Technology Evaluation: Do you need independent advice on technology choices suitable for a particular system development project? We can assist you determine products and technologies for eBusiness and eCommerce systems including application servers, integration servers, database servers, application suites and development environments.

Component & Application Development Services

ASERT's Software Engineering Team has devised a flexible methodology based on IEEE and International Quality Assurance Standards combined with useful parts from Extreme Programming. The methodology covers the following phases of the software engineering development process:

System Development: We specialize in on-site or outsourced development of eBusiness, eCommerce and corporate systems using web and back-end server technologies such as Java, J2EE, JSP, Servlets, XML, PHP, Cold Fusion and databases.

Component Development: We have experience developing component-based systems which encourage re-use and allow managed system evolution. We can provide on-site or outsourced development of components based on technologies such as EJB, Java, CORBA, XML or other Internet technologies.

System Testing: This involves devising system test plans, user acceptance tests and mapping these to requirements via a traceability matrix. We can also assist with carrying out testing procedures.

Designer Solutions: If required, we can custom-tailor a solution specifically for your unique requirements.

Mentoring: Throughout all phases of the software engineering development lifecycle, we can help your staff get up to speed with new technologies and methodologies. This ensures that your project will remain successful after our involvement is ramped down and will ensure that your development and operational teams avoid common pitfalls.

Web & System Integration Services

ASERT can build solutions for you from scratch or by integrating your existing applications and information sources or by integrating off-the-shelf or pre-existing ASERT-made components. This can save you money and reduce your risks as we integrate and customise your solution by leveraging the components, templates and applications within your organisation and our solutions catalog. We believe this is a real value-add provided by an ASERT-based solution.

    Web/System Integration: We can integrate simple or complex systems using Enterprise Application Integration technologies, Integration Servers, scripting technologies and traditional programming environments.

    Electronic Services Delivery Solutions: We can provide you with ready-made firewalls, VPNs, naming and directory services, web and application servers, database servers and other network services.

    Ready-made Hardware & Software Solutions: In many instances you may require stand-alone hardware and/or software. We have prior arrangements with several vendors to allow easy and rapid selection and acquisition of technology in our solutions catalog.

    Pre-Fabricated Components: As part of our on-going system development activities, ASERT has developed systems in the past with generic functionality. In some cases, this functionality has been made available to a wider audience.

    eCommerce Components: This includes everything from pre-packaged software components including EJBs and ready-made components for security.

    Information Portals: We can hook up your various information sources and our pre-built templates to develop knowledge portals.

Management Services

ASERT's Business Analysts can assist you as you are preparing your projects, carrying out your projects or assessing process improvement options.

E-Business Strategy Development: Our experience with real-world deployment of E-Business systems can be applied to your strategic directions.

Opportunity Analysis: Helping you formulate the business opportunities available to your organization.

Project Management: Applying the appropriate level of project management to ensure your project milestones are achieved with minimum risk and maximum productivity.

Creative Web Services

ASERT's Creative Team can assist you develop a powerful and engaging web presence. The team can offer you the following services:

Visual & Interactive Design: To enhance functionality and appeal of web content.

Multimedia & Rich Content: To allow you to present information to your target audience using a variety of technologies and formats including video, audio, interactive, and PDF formats.

Creative Consulting: To give you new ideas, new images, new ways of looking at existing problems.

Educational Services

As part of ASERT's attitude of mentoring and getting the customer up and running independently, we make a strong focus on training and educational requirements of our customers. We can provide the following solutions:

In-house/On-site Course Delivery: We have a comprehensive course curriculum and can provide that to your organization in ways which meet your training requirements.

Custom Course Development: Our specialists can also custom tailor or custom produce instructor-led and on-line self-paced courses on your products or subject matter which you choose.

Pre-packaged Courseware and Licensing: We can also provide our courseware with various badging options to third-party organizations who are also training providers.